Facts About Voya Financial Advisors

With a vision of becoming America’s Retirement Company™, Voya Financial, Inc. is a leading provider of retirement, investment and insurance solutions. As part of the Voya™ family of companies, Voya Financial Advisors is a top independent broker-dealer network focused on helping Americans advance their retirement retirement readiness.

Name: Voya Financial Advisors
Founded: 1968
Headquarters: Des Moines, IA  Windsor, CT  Braintree, MA
Registration: 50 States
Clearing Firm: Pershing LLC
CEO / President: Thomas Halloran
About Pershing 

Pershing provides critical business processes, financial and technology solutions for financial organizations around the globe.  They operate behind the scenes to power transformational change for broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, independent financial advisers, hedge fund and '40 Act fund managers and individual investors.

Pershing LLC (member FINRA/NYSE/SIPC) is a leading global provider of financial business solutions to more than 1,500 institutional and retail financial organizations and independent registered investment advisors who collectively represent approximately 5.5 million active investor accounts.  Pershing is a member of every major U.S. securities exchange, and its international affiliates are members of the Australian Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse, Irish Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Pershing, with 70 years of experience supporting leading financial organizations around the globe provides their clients these benefits:

  • Strength and resources: Pershing LLC, A BNY Mellon company (http://www.bnymellon.com/)
  • Quality service: Our sophisticated technology handles administration and processing, so your financial organization can focus on your investment program.
  • Comprehensive products and services: We give your financial organization the full array of tools it needs to help you meet your investment program
  • Data integrity: We safeguard your personal data and account information with comprehensive security methods, extensive back up systems, and well-developed contingency plans.
  • Privacy: The confidentiality of your personal information is carefully protected with an array of advanced physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards